Bruce McLean Pose work for plinths 1971

Bruce McLean Pose work for plinths 1971


Department for Art have commissioned artist Bruce McLean to create his iconic Pose work for plinths as a Lithograph.

This beautiful black and white print is in an edition of 250, signed and numbered by the artist.

Black & white Lithograph
60 x 80cm
Printed on Heritage Rag Unbuffered 300gsm paper by Curwen Press at Worton Hall Studios
Signed and numbered by the artist
Edition of 250

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Pose works for plinths…

The original version of Pose works for plinths was a series of 15 black and white images taken in Situations London, 1971, during a live performance of the work. The second version, a set up photographic session, using three rolls of film, each roll consisted of twelve negatives, which were then cropped and composed into 3 works. Two of these works are in the collection of the Tate Gallery and the other, in a private collection. This exclusive edition, commissioned by Department for Art, has been reproduced using an un-cropped set of negatives from 1971.


All artwork will be carefully packaged within a postal tube. Dimensions 686mm x 76.2mm x 2.5mm. For insurance purposes and for the comfort of your work, only one print will be shipped per package.

The Artist

Bruce McLean is one of the most important and influential artists of his generation. Born in Glasgow in 1944, he studied at Glasgow School of Art and then at St Martins School of Art, London.

Bruce is a sculptor who has extended and developed the nature of sculpture through painting, architectural projects, film, ceramics and live action works.

Bruce McLean has exhibited in many important exhibitions worldwide including When Attitudes become Form, Berne, New Spirit in Painting, RA London, Zeitgeist Berlin, and Documentas 6,7 and 8 and in the International Pavilion Venice Biennale. His work is in private and public collections all over the world, including Tate Gallery, Museum moderner Kunst, Vienna, The National Museum of Art, Osaka, The V&A London and Dundee, The Arnolfini Gallery, The National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh, Arts Council and British Council collections.

Currently Bruce is creating some incredibly beautiful prints, working on large paintings, making a very important film about excess and finishing an authoritative book on sculpture in the latter part of the 20th Century entitled Minimal, Invisible, Missing.